Initial Discussion

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Step 1 in the rehabilitation process begins with a discussion about you, your injury, how it happened, your lifestyle before the injury, medical recommendations for recovery and what the best course of action will be to get you back to the best condition possible within a set timeframe.



Rehabilitation Process

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Step 2 of your recovery is implementation of a rehabilitation programme focused on your injury. I will assess your muscular symmetry, muscle wastage(atrophy), range of motion, movement ability, general strength and fitness levels and your psychological state of mind towards your recovery. We will then devise the best course of action to aid your recovery to a level of fitness as discussed in our initial meeting.

Building Strength

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Step 3 of your recovery is to build strength around your injury to reinforce it's use as a functioning asset and to develop confidence in yourself to trust the injury. We will continue to train using varied methods to ensure that the injury can stand up to pressure through targeted performance development.



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