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Weight Management | Our Weight Management programme concentrates on your goals for weight loss or weight gain through use of specific training methods to access fat stores or increase mucscle density.

This programme allows you to focus on specific weight loss or weight gain. Weight loss is not as hard as you may think and involves an increase in your cardiac output, however not to an intense level. It also involes a calorie controlled diet plan which needs to be adhered to. Weight gain is totally different and is usually aimed towards clients wanting to increse muscle mass. We use techniques which help the growth of muscle and the recovery process to ensure gradual growth is achieved.

  • Price | £50.00 | £40.00 | £30.00
  • Duration | 60 ~ 45 ~ 30 minute sessions
  • Training Type | Cardiovasular & Resistance
  • Recommendation | 2 times per week
  • Location | Home ~ Outdoors ~ The Fitness Space
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