Anna Bartlett Fitness Blog
  • 2015

Home Training

Not everyone has a gym membership or the appropriate equipment at home, so working out becomes non- existent. All you need is YOU!

With all the home dvds on sale at the moment it's easy to be able to get an effective workout without leaving your house. But at the end of the day you don’t need to be going out and spending all your pennies on the latest celeb or newest craze workout!

All you need you, your body weight and a little motivation. Put your best tunes blasting out in your front room and follow this list of easy exercises to get your heart pumping and working every muscle in your body!!

1 minute rounds of the following:

1 | Running High Knees 2 | Squats 3 | Press Ups 4 | Burpees | Squat Thrusts 5 | Lunges 6 | Sit-ups 7 | Jumping Jacks Squats 8 | Tricep Dips 9 | Leg Drops 10 | Plank

This is a 10 minute cycle so repeat as many times as you like!