Anna Bartlett Fitness Blog
  • 2015

Mix Up Your Running

Everyone loves their Sunday run but deep down everyone wants to able to run faster and further. Here are a few tips on how to get you round your normal route that little bit quicker, add that extra mile at the end or even have the energy to push it up that hideous hill in the middle!

Change Pace

You need to be increasing your speed at some point to be able to run quicker.

1 Sprint in between lamp posts – Jog normal pace between one then sprint the next. This will make that normal pace seem just that bit more comfortable.

2 Find a football field - jog/walk the lengths and sprint the widths, then sprint the lengths and jog/walk the widths

3 Look at your watch – Go by time instead of distance. a) 30 second blasts every 2 minutes. b) 20 minutes into your run do 10 minutes of 1 min slow and 1 minute fast, then jog for 10 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Hill Runs

Finding a horrible hill or incline and do 5-10 repetitions up and down. Run as fast as you can up and slowly jog or walk back. You’ll be able to notice a vast improvement when you come to a hill or incline during your route!

Spot Running

While running, imagine a point in your route and think, “I will run as quick as I can to that point!” Imagine a dog chasing you or it’s the finishing line of a race. Just push yourself until that point. When you get their stop and start walking, catch your breath, and then start jogging at your comfortable pace. Once you're feeling good fix yourself on that next point and do it all over again.

By adding these 3 different methods into your runs you will be able to decrease that time or increase that distance in no time.